• Working with Heather has been a calming balm in a sea of uncertainty and change. She listened beyond what I was saying and delved deeper into the true meanings behind my words and emotions. Her support is continual and all-encompassing. Her passion, as well as compassion, is what helped me the most. She helped me find the person behind the “scared” little girl. Thank you, Heather, I cannot wait to continue our work together.”
    Stella Hull-Lampkin, Pilates Method Alliance
  • It is amazing and inspiring to work with and be guided by Heather. She is a source of calm and affirmative wisdom and guidance. Tentative listener, not to what is being said but in understanding what is beyond the spoken work. Her advice is not only practical but supportive of your own goals and professional goals. In addition, she is an incredible human being! Working with her makes you a better and more complete person of yourself. Thank you, Heather.”
    Ana Martin-Lavielle, Esquire
  • Heather is a fantastic coach! Her intuitive style and supportive nature are the perfect combination. She knew when I needed to work something out aloud without interruption and always had a “mic drop” comment when my ramble was over. It was incredible!
    Julie Bronsteatter, Coach/Former HR Executive
  • I am grateful to have had the chance to be coached by Heather. She has such a supportive presence, and helped me to see the bigger picture of what was most important to me. I am also so inspired by her as a human being as she demonstrates a way of being that is truly generous and contributes to all who know her. Thanks for all that you are and all that you do, Heather!
    Stephanie Stevens
  • Heather is a truly intuitive and empathetic coach. Working with Heather was such a powerful experience and gave me so many new insights and fresh perspectives about myself and how to be at my best for others. It really feels like you’ve got a positive champion in your corner with Heather.
    Hannah Preist
  • One of Heather’s superpowers as a coach is her ability to recognize and illuminate her clients’ strengths to help build confidence and hope. This superpower, along with her keen observations and intuitive insights, were invaluable at times when I was stuck and helped me persevere to exceed my goals and expectations.
    Anita Perrigo – Solopreneur