Our Approach

We are always looking for the potential in people, then how to bring it out.

This is our purpose – to ‘Call out the Gold in others’.

The Coaching approach we use 3 stages of growth and awareness – Head Heart Hands.

Designed to move you towards a clear mind, that’s self aware, with sound and stable emotions that enable mature  informed behavior choice.

HEAD –  right thinking, cognitive awareness of self and pattern’s of thought
HEART – sound evaluation and management of emotional triggers, attitudes etc.
HANDS – empowered choices and behavior’s. Freedom from culture bias, toxic behaviors and pattern’s of repeat conflict

We believe that these 3 domains well managed lead to Stable decisions, high performance and sustainable change.
They make up the CORE of a person. Character, Operating system, Relationships, EQ.

We start the process with Awareness as its less intrusive, allows building of trust for coaching and can be founded on practical tools such as GALLUP Strengths and DISC profiles.

We use over 40 coaching tools and techniques picked for Life Coaching, Executive Coaching, Conflict management coaching, Change management coaching and Teams coaching. We are fan’s of having the ‘so what‘ clear for our clients and as a result we aim with out clients hard at having ‘clear next steps‘ from each session.

We have worked with students, COE’s, NGO’s and SME’s in multiple sectors such as Retail, Import, Service supply, Education, IT, Manufacturing and medical fields.

Why not give us a call and see if you have found your fit with us.