Hitomi Taguchi

Life & Career Coach

Women in STEM Leadership Instructor 

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Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (link)

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PhD, Chemical Engineering

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Are you…

  • Ready to start creating a more fulfilling life/career for yourself?
  • Open and ready to commit to a process of exploration, growth, and execution?
  • Seeking structure, inspiration, and unwavering support?

  • I coach to empower and accelerate my clients’ execution while growing their capacity and maximizing their potential.
  • I serve as your thinking partner to support and help you achieve your goals.


“Our coaching sessions really helped me focus on the issues I face in my career. … If you are looking for someone to be a positive force for change in your life, this is the place.” ~ Eric Johnson

“Hitomi is an amazing coach and I would not hesitate to work with her again. … She propelled me to achieve results I didn’t expect and kept me accountable at all times.” ~ Alex Schecter, Coach

“(Hitomi) asked me profound questions that helped me consider directions I hadn’t previously explored … I would definitely recommend … to anyone seeking a coaching session that delivers immediate value.” ~ Valeriya Volobuyeva

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a catalyst for achieving your goals—it empowers and accelerates your execution, while growing your capacity and maximizing your potential.

In a coaching relationship, you become an equal partner with a coach in an insightful, creative and emergent process. The coach will help and support you in structuring and delivering powerful solutions that are grounded in your vision, core values and purpose.

My style of coaching is different from mentoring, consulting, therapy or counseling. Instead of providing solutions through analysis, advice and feedback, I partner with my clients to explore and discover unique and personalized solutions based on each clients situation, beliefs and values.