Laura Pasquini explores how knowledge, technology, and community influence learning and performance. Her work centers on evidence-based practice and innovative design to create optimal work and learning environments. As a seasoned learning experience designer, researcher, trainer, and coach, she helps organizations and teams identify performance gaps, ways to cultivate talent, and develop effective learning solutions.


As a scholar-practitioner, Dr. Pasquini investigates and applies evidence for research on mentoring experiences, networked practices, open, online communities, digital professional identity development, and digital learning environments. She consults with various organizations, educational institutions, non-profit groups, and corporate associations on the stewardship of technology to improve performance, find learning solutions, and develop community culture.

My philosophy

Coaching is a collaborative, purposeful partnership rooted in conversation and deep questions. I love talent wayfinding with clients to uncover what lies ahead. I coach those in transition: work, leadership, life, and career. Think of me as the “guide on the side” to support what you what you want to work on to reach your full potential.

Coaching is collaborative, purposeful partnership to support your career goals.

My coaching approach:

  • Creating a client-led agenda for each meeting
  • Probing intentions & goals with deep questions
  • Engaging with reflective tools & activities
  • Decision-making space aligned with your values
  • Identifying action items for follow up & review
  • Supporting the transitions in your work/life

Coaching Through It

Coaching Through It is podcast hosted by Laura Pasquini & Julie Larsen as they chat about the ins and outs of coaching. We discuss our coaching practice, give our perspectives, and give lessons learned from the field of coaching. To learn more about what coaching is all about, dive into the tools of the trade, and gain insight into what it means to become a coach, subscribe wherever you get your podcasts.

Client Testimonials

Hear from previous coaching clients:

“Laura’s approach and format during these Executive Coaching sessions helped me with self-discovery and developing strategies for positive change. I immediately began to implement these strategies that have empowered me to make changes that have helped me become more effective leader.

~ R.B., AWS Director

“Laura was a great help to me over our sessions. She asked insightful questions and was instrumental in me breaking down barriers I had when it came to my relationship with work. I look forward to continuing my career journey equipped with the tools Laura helped to provide to me.”

~ D.R., Program Manager

“I am transitioning out of higher education and back into client service, but I wasn’t clear what I wanted to do. I had a lot of “coulds” and “shoulds,” but Laura encouraged me to focus on the things I really wanted to do. Her approach to this – thinking of verbs rather than job titles – has created multiple a-ha moments for me.”

~M.M. CFO & Chief Compliance Officer

“Working with Laura as a coach was such a great investment in myself. I was honestly shocked at how much progress I felt like I had made after just one session with her. Laura’s thoughtful questions helped guide me through identifying my why and what I really want out of my career.  I would absolutely trust Laura to work with me again to get me to my next goal.”

~H.M., Marketing Manager

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