Life Coaching for Special Needs Families Privacy Policy

My goal in life coaching is to be a guide, to help people go where they want to go by creating a safe place to talk in person, over zoom or over the phone.

What you say to me in our life coaching session stays with me unless you are talking about harming yourself or others

This is not psychological therapy.  I will be following their rules on reporting potential dangerous events.

I have high frequency hearing loss so our telephone / zoom conversations will be conducted when I am alone inside a vehicle so I can use the speakerphone feature.

When we are doing zoom calls in the office so I can be at the computer to send you links I will have my headset on and I will be placing a loud fan or noise machine at the top of the steps and a sign at the bottom saying I am on a zoom meeting so the other guys at work will not come stomping up the steps looking for me.

I will make written notations in my notebook and then keep that in this lock up box with a combination lock.

Other records that are on the computer will be protected with strong passwords.

Rob Ralston