Symone Deserae Barnes
Senior IT Project Manager, Executive Coach, Career Coach, Resume Revamp Specialist
Currently enrolled at the College of Executive Coaching, aiming towards an ICF Credential. Targeted 2023.
Ever Wondered What Coaching Can Do For You?

Driving Philosophy

Don’t be among the 76%: According to a Cornell University Study, 76% of people die with the same regret – they never lived up to their potential because they accepted a mediocre life. You and I are committing today, that we are part of the 24%.

What is Coaching

Coaching done right, uses a process of inquiry, thought provoking questions, and personal discovery to build awareness around your decisions, and accountability toward growth in areas of importance to you. Through coaching, you’ll get blunt, constructive, and actionable feedback from a neutral position to help you work through ideas. Imagine taking your thoughts and concerns out of a bag and setting them all on a table between you and me. We then pick them up one at a time, walking around the table and decide which ones to keep, which to discard, what’s missing, and what’s actionable. That’s coaching! It’s as simple as that! I’ll ask you tough questions and hold a spotlight to help you think in greater depth until we have forward progress in a way that is impractically challenging for anyone to do on their own with similar diligence.


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