Professional Certified Coach (PCC) was issued by ICF Credentials and Standards to beatrice facchini.
Professional Certified Coach (PCC) Credential-holders are trained (125+ hours), experienced (500+ hours) coaches. They have demonstrated knowledge and proficient application of the ICF Core Competencies, Code of Ethics, and definition of coaching. Earners show a commitment to high ethical standards and have demonstrated, through rigorous assessment, competence in using a variety of behaviors and skills in their work with clients. The PCC must be renewed every three years.

I am a professional certified coach with over 15 years of experience in the field of Communication and Team Management.

I specialize and offer one-to-one coaching to professionals in medium and large international corporations in the following main areas:

  • Leadership Development and Executive Coaching.
    Today’s Leaders know how important it is to develop a solid leadership to be the person your team looks at in times of crisis but most of all to be recognized as the guide able to navigate interpersonal challenges, to involve the team at a high level and to invest in cultivating tomorrow’s leaders
  • Team Experience and Team Management.
    Develop your leadership skills and team management potential and guide your team with a clear vision and shared goals.
  • Leadership and Presence
    When you need to learn a sharper communication style to convey your message, to say “no” o to mediate when necessary. When you feel your voice is not listened to. Together we can find what is not working in your communication style and we can create a new, more effective strategy to speak up as a leader.
  • Public Speaking & Speech Design for Executives
    Boost the effectiveness of you message and communicate in an authentic way.
    I can train you in a dynamic, creative way to find the right words to deliver your ideas, your projects and yourself involving your audience.