Who are my clients?

Whatever your age, gender or nationality, you may see yourself as an ‘old soul’ or a ‘wise soul’ who sees life as a series of learning experiences. You are quite aware of who you are. You are authentic, sensitive, kind, responsible and caring towards others, while you tend to be serious, critical of yourself and easily beat yourself up. You are acutely sensitive to the needs of others and tend to put them before yourself. You proactively strive to improve yourself through various educational and self-development means. You may have been diligently working on your habitual patterns and blockages that prevent you from fulfilling your desires, but you are not yet able to master to manage them or to find out what you truly need and want.

What topics do I coach on?

Some clients come to me on the verge of burnout with a desire to manage their work and personal time. Work-life balance is not a polarity or a tug-of-war between work and personal life, but your perspective on how you see yourself and life. Before you manage your time with a detailed schedule, you need to prioritise what you value. Does work come before your health? Some clients come to me to talk about their cluttered thoughts and unload them in the session. All I do is listen deeply and summarise what I perceive. As a Japanese person with extensive exposure to Western cultures, my style blends Eastern and Western perspectives in personal and business settings. I am able to sense the cultural nuances of human relationships at different levels.

Trust the process

The purpose of coaching is to create an effective dialogue for the client to achieve their intention. If they don’t have an intention, the dialogue is designed to find an intention or goal. No diagnosis or healing is provided as in psychological therapy or counselling. No advice or solution is offered as in mentoring or consulting. The coach can provide a confidential, non-judgmental space to listen and give feedback when it’s needed. The client is accountable for their progress because the coach believes that the client has all the answers, they just haven’t realised them.


A session is for 50 minutes under

a Coaching Agreement to ensure ethics & confidentiality.

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A cycle consists of 6 sessions for up to 6 months period.

For a FREE trial and further information, please CONTACT at.kazumicoach@gmail.com.


Why do we need multiple coaching sessions?

Coaching is a partnership and an evolving process. Insights and realisations occur during and between sessions. During the contract period, the coach and client are in the same process and retain their respective responsibilities, even when we do not meet.