Reclaiming your centre is not about becoming self-centred.

I coach those who struggle to balance work and life in the limited 24 hours. You may feel constantly chased by time and things to do, with no time for yourself. Time management is unlikely the ultimate solution, but reclaiming your centre is. If you are drained, you may be someone who values connection with others and unconsciously seeks their approval. You may be afraid to express your needs and set healthy boundaries.

My insightful wellbeing coaching asks you to stop for a moment, reflect and go deeper within yourself to regain your inner balance while learning what work-life balance and time management really mean for you. The coach constantly asks, “What do you really need and want?” If you have a clear answer, it’s great! If you don’t know it  clearly and feel anxious, that is also great! Your subconscious is trying to tell you that you cannot go on like this. You need to clarify it and act on it.

For that, coaching is a great tool to take the first tangible action for your unclarity. Being provided a defined time and frame that is confidential, non-judgemental and accountable, you are reclaiming your centre by exploring and expressing what you truly want and need.


Have you ordered your happiness?

Now you are sitting at a table in a fancy restaurant. Since you arrived, you’ve been waiting for some delicious food to be served. And you wonder why nothing has been served for over an hour! Then you realise that you did not order anything! When you arrived, you were so taken by the beautiful decor and ambience of the restaurant that you forgot to order any food! You waited for good food to be served without ordering anything.

We all want to be happy, but ‘happiness’ is a concept that you cannot grasp. You may have vague ideas or images that are created in complicated social and personal dynamics. Pursuing happiness without a definition is like sitting in a restaurant without ordering any particular dishes, but hoping for a delicious meal to be served. Do you know what you really want?









Clients’ voice:

“I was very frustrated and down with many aspects of my life and reached a point where I felt I needed to get outside help. Already within 3 weeks of starting our sessions I saw real progress! I bought a house which I had been wanting to do for the last 7 years! She helped me draw up a plan and put it into action immediately, I had no idea my possibilities were just right around the corner. She helped me initiate decluttering my life and finding work-family balance. My life has really turned around since Kazumi Life Coach came into my life. Thank you Kazumi!!”


“Kazumi is a caring, empathetic coach that is able to create a safe and warm place where the client is truly the center of all the attention. She is able to both listen carefully and, when needed, to push the client to the right direction in order to stay on track for reaching the goals of the session. Being also experienced in the corporate world and having a massive life experience thanks to her expat life I find her highly recommended to all people that want to be in safe and experienced hands and that want to work clearly and efficiently. Thank you for your time and professionalism!”

“I really appreciated Kazumi’s coaching in one of the biggest transitional periods in my life — becoming a mother. With her good questions and intent listening, she supported me in gaining more clarity about my personal priorities and helped me regain my confidence in a professional path.”