Kazumi Ichiba
Advisor and Coach in Wellbeing and Sustainability
Language: English, Japanese
Professional Certified Coach (PCC) | ICF
Tokyo | Lund

Coaching Topics: Wellbeing, Healthy lifestyle, Self-worth, Work life integration, Resilience, Burnout prevention, Multicultural workplace/ human relationships, Mid-life crisis, Life purpose, Life after retirement, Sustainability of life, Exploring & nurturing what you truly want & need.

得意分野:ウェルビーイング、心身の健康とライフスタイル、自分軸の発見と育成・自立 (autonomy)、人生の目的を探す、ワーク ライフ バランス?、燃え尽き症候群を予防する、異文化での仕事、生活、人間関係

My Approach: Insight provoking, Perspective shifting (meta perspective, social/cultural influences), Scheduling, Journaling/Reflecting, Imaging, Mindfulness, Breathwork.


Mental Health First Aider training
Systemic Team Coaching
CBT Coach Practitioner
ACTP Certification Course
EICC (RBA) Labor & Ethics Lead Auditor
Social Systems Lead Auditor (IRCA certified/ SA8000)

MA in Applied Cultural Analysis, Lund University, Sweden
Psychology/Social Anthropology, Dept for Continuing Education, The University of Oxford
BA in American Studies, Hollins University, USA


Balancing physical, mental and emotional wellbeing // Kazumi is an insightful coach who supports clients to thrive for their sustainability and happiness. Her coaching encourages clients to find what they truly want and need through refocusing on themselves here & now. It also helps them find the right balance between their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Having worked for global corporations in Japan and Sweden, she has cultivated her unique Japanese-Scandinavian outlook on diverse aspects of work and life. Her background in social sustainability and cultural studies help clients perceive meta views in their life. Based in Lund, Sweden & Tokyo, Japan.

ABOUT コーチ・カズミ



Born and raised in Japan, studied in the US, and worked in Sweden as a corporate social responsibility expert for over a decade in a global smartphone brand. Hold a BA in American Studies at Hollins University (USA) & a MA in Applied Cultural Analysis at Lund University (Sweden). Trained in western/psychological astrology at FAS & MISPA (UK), and mindfulness/animism philosophy at Scandinavian Center for Shamanic Studies (Sweden). Certified for Professional Certified Coach (PCC) by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). My coaching is provided in English or Japanese.

世界的なスマートフォン企業で、サステイナビリティ・社会的責任の専門分野で15年勤務。 ホリンズ大学 (米国) でアメリカ学の学士号、ルンド大学 (スウェーデン) で応用文化分析(民俗学・人類学)の修士号を取得。 FAS & MISPA(英国) で西洋/心理占星学、北欧シャーマニズム研究センター(スウェーデン)でマインドフルネスやアニミズム哲学を学ぶ。 国際コーチング連盟(ICF)のプロフェッショナル認定コーチ (PCC)。 東京生まれ・育ち。私のコーチングは、日本語または英語で提供されます。

My values: Authenticity; Essentialism; Fun; Sustainability; Integrity; Tranquility; Simplicity; Animistic living; Universe perspective

私の価値観: 本物。本質主義。楽しむ。持続可能性。誠実さ。静けさ。シンプルさ。アニミズム的な生活。宇宙視点。

My vision: Through the power of coaching, I cultivate “meta-perspectives” for mutual understanding and respect among all beings on earth by supporting people to explore and nurture their balanced and sustainable “centred selves”.

私のビジョン: コーチングの力を通じて、人々がバランスの取れた持続可能な「自分軸」を探求し育むことをサポートすることで、地球上のすべての存在の相互理解と尊重のための「メタ視点」を育みます。

Last book read: How to Love by Thich Nhat Hanh

Most grateful for: Being in balance with my mental and physical health

Proudest accomplishment: I have built large IKEA furniture on my own, including a 2-meter sofa,  a king size bed, and a heavy standing desk!