Laurelle Inouye, ADHD & Executive Function Coach

Have you been diagnosed with ADHD, or suspect that you may have been dealing with this neurodevelopmental disorder for some time?  Do you have learning differences that impact you socially and emotionally?  According to a recent CBC news article, the pandemic gave many individuals a needed “push” to get an ADHD diagnosis.  It is also common for people to seek support or potential diagnosis during major life transitions such as entry to school, post-secondary, or launching into the professional work world.  If you or a loved one has received an ADHD diagnosis, you may be faced with a rollercoaster of emotions including overwhelm, confusion, relief, and/or uncertainty of how to move forward.  It is also common for individuals, as well as caregivers of children with ADHD, to feel isolated, misunderstood, and unsure of who to talk to.  An ADHD Coach can support you in navigating your next steps and work with you to implement proven strategies for success in school, work, and a variety of other settings.  A trained coach will walk alongside you in your journey of acceptance, learning, self-awareness and positive change.  While you will always be invited to set the goals and focus for your sessions, possible topics for exploration may include:

1) Understanding ADHD from an inside-out perspective;
2) Utilizing a strengths-based approach to manage ADHD and overcome weaknesses;
3) Help with motivation, productivity, and time management;
4) Learning strategies to help develop core executive function skills.

Having the support of an ADHD Coach to guide you forward and help you set and achieve your personal goals can make a positive difference.  Feel free to contact me for a complimentary exploratory session to see if ADHD Coaching is a fit for you.


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