What Clients are saying:

I cannot even begin to share how incredible of a Business and Life coach Michael Bradford is. I came to Mike during a Business crisis and it was the best decision I ever made. He is attentive, inventive, prepared and offers solid, strategic advice. The juxtaposition between personal guidance and business guidance is something rare, and his talent shows. I am blessed to have found him and highly recommend him to anyone looking to better improve their level of life and business.

Isabelle Boba

If you’re a small business owner, chances are you wear lots of hats: sales, marketing, product development, service, and more. And if you’re like most small business owners, one task that falls through the cracks is strategic planning. There’s just no time to focus on long-term initiatives that will improve the business, when you’re busy running the business. This is where Mike comes in: he helps entrepreneurs take a step back, see the big picture, and map out where to go next. He helped me cut the fat and re-focus so that in just three months I had new services, new clients, and more sales. EVERY small business owner needs a Mike Bradford.

Geoff Weinstein
Business Communication Coach

Working with Mike has been a tremendous experience. With his effective coaching program, our organization productivity rose 30% over 6 months. Our business process became more efficient and structured. Team building workshops were great to strengthen the morale and relationships among 2 senior managers in the organization. Mike assisted in building my confidence as leader by focusing on key traits such as communication and problem solving through exercises and coaching practices. I would definitely recommend Mike’s program to any managers and entrepreneurs in any industry!

Mike is a great asset to bring into your work life and business. With his coaching, he focuses on the whole person’s wellbeing and gets results with actual revenue increasing. Very good to have worked with him.

Since working with Mike I have found a new level of confidence and peace of mind. Last year we experienced a 20% rate of growth an we took back control of key expenses including accounts receivable. I have stability with my staff and a wonderful culture of service and performance. I look forward to continue working with Mike as we create a bright future.

I highly recommend that any business can use Mike’s input and guidance in improving any aspect in running a business. His commitment to excellence and passion to help grow businesses has been a steadying influence during these challenging times.

Working with Mike Bradford has helped my business in many ways. After working with Mike for a short time, we were able to reduce our workload by 40% while increasing our revenues by over 100% in less than six months. Mike Bradford worked with our Management Team and helped us focus on getting the best results, in the most important areas of the business. I would recommend Mike Bradford to anyone who would like to add an excellent Consultant to their team and to anyone who could benefit from sound Management and Business advice.


Working with Mike has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Michael has a wealth of knowledge and experience that has allowed me to identify the life I want to live. Working with Michael has given me the tools needed to tackle my goals. Michael is an amazing coach and mentor and I highly recommend his services.