Kirsten - Professional

“I would summarize Peter in 3 words – passionate, professional, and personalized.

He makes an effort to take into consideration you as client with your unique challenges throughout the coaching process, so as to provide the best service to you as an individual.

I leave each session feeling challenged, yet motivated to make changes.

I would recommend Peter to anyone who wants to make improvements in their personal or professional life.”

Riaan - Executive

“We made use of Peter for group team facilitation, Gallup Strengths and Team dynamics training with our management team.

It completely changed our perspective and approach to high level problem solving and execution.”

Tony - Educator

“Peter was empathetic and professional in his coaching sessions

He used a range of tools that helped to develop my thinking around my decision making and identity.

It helped me to clarify my goals and encouraged me to make bold decisions.

These sessions were invaluable for getting me to look at my own personal relationships and goals.”

Business owner

I’m astounded at how quickly Peter was able to add value to Us.

There is tremendous value in working with honest salt of the earth people, and I found Peter to be one of these”