ICF Middle East Prism Award 23
18th October 23
Muscat – Sultanate Oman

I was honored to work as an executive committee member in ICF Middle East Prism Award 23 7th Edition.
I was enjoying every minute with every person there.
The air was full of passion, compassion, enjoyable effort, and friendship.

ICF Saudi Chapter Board team


I was honored to serve as Director of Knowledge and community in the ICF Saudi Chapter.

Voutantering responsibility is usually considered as “Engerziger” to me especially those which are related to the community.


GREAT 6 ..

K2C2C team 2023


I was honored to work with exceptional HUMANS in one team.

Wafa, Nada, Heba, Soha, Munirah, and Sara give me trust in what I believe in … PURE AUTHENTIC HUMANS

لله الحمد و الفضل

كان تكريمهم لي من أهم لحظات العام و العمر إن جاز التعبير