Who am I?


I am Barbara Bodnár, coach, trainer, leadership and organisational developer. I have been working as the Communications Director of the Hungarian Chapter of the International Coaching Association for the last two years.

I help you to find the path to your own goals, on which you can move forward with unbroken enthusiasm and success in your personal life and at work.

I believe that those who seek it will find the strength within themselves to become their best self.


“There is no favorable wind for the sailor who doesn’t know where to go.” (Seneca)

My mission is to help you find the purpose that inspires you and to guide you along the way.

Business, life and team coaching – for people who want to grow consciously

Find the path that truly leads you to your goals, and that you can follow with unbroken enthusiasm in your professional and personal life!

Have a great, effective team and leaders who are excellent at managing people and the challenges they face every day!