Are you and/or your partner moving abroad?

Moving to a new culture is an amazing adventure as well as it can be scary considering all the unknown. Maybe you are already living in a foreign culture and have a challenge to integrate and really show your potential or you are about to repatriate to your home country after many years abroad. It is not necessary to face these and other similar situations alone as it can make you feel frustrated, alone and lost.  I am here to support you to prepare you better and to make the process more rewarding.


Are you leading an international environment?

Leading in an international context is a different responsibility and demands another set of skills which I like to call culture agility. Communication, cooperation and performance is more complex as you have to take into account many factors, some that aren’t even aware of or that you do not understand today. Invest in yourself and learn how to look through different cultural lenses to become a stronger and more integrated in your role.

Working in a multi-cultural team?

Having a multi-cultural team or a manager from another country can be a challenge and create misunderstandings. By knowing your personal cultural difference and learn how other cultures look at key dimensions such as time, communication, power etc you will gain valuable insights and strengthen your cultural agility. During the coaching process we will work out strategies for you to manage different situations and cultures in a professional and personal way enlarging your personal range and talents.

The Culture Mastery 4C’s Process™ is a proven methodology

Each one of us is unique and has a personal cultural preference created through our upbringing and education. Through taking the Individual Culture Blueprint indicator (ICBI), a professional digital assessment, you get a personal report on your unique combination of cultural preference.

By knowing who you are you can compare yourselves with other cultures and understand possible gaps of cultural differences. This self awareness is the first step towards integration and from there on we work on the other steps to strenghten your cultural agility.

ICBI Assessment

Individual Cultural Blueprint Indicator

The ICBI™ is a behaviour, habit, and belief-based assessment that empowers you to learn your cultural preferences and compare them with the median cultural preferences of another specified culture. This may mean comparing your preferences with those of the country where you’ll be relocating, the diverse cultures of your colleagues, or the cultures with which your company interacts the most – either in person or virtually.

The ICBI™ takes about 15 minutes to complete and provides each person with a complete “Cultural Preferences and Gaps” report. It allows you to identify the most relevant cultural gaps affecting your life and evaluate whether the resulting challenges can be solved by addressing those gaps.

Coaching Process

How could a set up look like to strengthen your culture agility?

  • Contact me and we set up the link so you can take the ICBI assessment.
  • Your personal report will be sent to your email address for you to review.
  • Our first session is a debrief session to understand the report and set your priorities and goals.
  • The coming sessions (between 3-5) we work on your most important priorities and goals.
  • We have a final follow up and review session for you to continue your further cultural development.