Be the best leader you can be

Becoming or being a leader can feel as a big responsibility. It is about guiding others by being clear on expectations as well as empowering each individual to perform their best. Several of my clients are experienced and high performing individuals who due to a change in their lives, in their role or in their organisation doubts on their own capabilities as leader. It is when we start to doubt or we feel lost on how to best move forward that coaching is a great support. With my long leadership experience and objective coaching method I will guide you back on track to find your way forward and grow as a leader bo the best you can.

Most of my clients start a coaching process of between 8-12 sessions covering an important period in their professional life. Ofcourse the set up will be dependent on your unique situation and together we will agree on what fits you the best. The first step for you is to book an intake session to get to know eachother!

Define how you want your career to look like

During our life time we tend to stop and revise our career direction. Maybe you feel that you are stuck in your development, that you are not recognized or that you do not recognize the company anymore and start to disconnect. If you are used to others proposing new positions it might feel daunting to search for the next step yourself. Sometimes a change comes from outside, a re-organisation or a change in your personal situation, that forces you to redefine how your career can look like.

Together we will look at what is important for you in your personal and professional life and build a goal picture of your ambition. After that I will support you in clarifying your strenghts and talents through exercises and tools to define your starting point. With this starting point as a foundation we will together look at different possible ways forward to reach your goal and what it would take to get there.

Career coaching normally starts from 5 sessions and depending on your unique situation we will agree what fits you. The first step for you is to book an intake session and let us talk further!