Hej! Hi! Ciao! Hallo!

I am Caroline

Living abroad for more than 20 years and now in Italy

More than 20+ years in the corporate world mainly in commercial and human resource roles

Coaching in four different languages, Swedish, English, Dutch and Italian

Love being physically active outside with friends


The principles of my coaching:

I meet you where you are and we build from there

A playful and dynamic cooperation to strenghten you

Action and goal orientation to move forward on your journey

Life is an adventure so be an explorer

Let’s connect!


Don’t put up things to tomorrow that you can do today

Connect with me and share what is on your mind and what hinders you to be the best version of yourself.

Book a free intake session and get a taste of my way of coaching.

Do not need a coach?  Then connect and let’s inspire eachother on topics like leadership, career, culture or something else.

I believe that we need to connect with others to feel human and it is a great way to shorten the distance to the unknown.

Cultural Mastery strengthens you to be successful in an international setting
Leadership coaching supports you to become the best leader you can
Career coaching supports you to realize your ambitions in life
Dynamic, professional and goaloriented
Positive, playful and creative