Laurelle Inouye
ADHD and Executive Function Coach; Leadership & Organizational Coach

Laurelle Inouye, ADHD & Executive Function Coach

Hello!  Based in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia, I am a Certified Coach specializing in ADHD and Executive Functioning (EF).   Using a blend of coaching, psychoeducation, and consulting, I work collaboratively with school-aged children, youth, post-secondary students, and parents/caregivers.   I have a background in teacher education, a Certificate in Organizational Coaching through UBC, and 17 years experience working in a local post secondary institution providing academic and career advising to undergraduate students.  I work with a variety of clients through my partnership with Mindkey Health (formerly Dr. Jillian Roberts’ Psychological Corp), based in Victoria, BC, and facilitate educational sessions about ADHD and EF challenges to teachers and parent groups.   In addition to providing ADHD and EF Coaching, I work with leaders in the healthcare industry to enhance individual, team and organizational capacity and performance.

I am passionate about promoting awareness about ADHD and EF challenges and empowering individuals to reach their maximum potential across school, career, and general life settings.   Please reach out if you are interesting in learning more about my coaching services and how I can support you in achieving your goals.

Professional Certifications & Training

– Associate Certified Coach, ICF

– Certified Organizational Coach, UBC

– Professional ADHD Parent Coach, PTS Coaching

– Bachelor of Education, UVic

Client Profile

– School-aged children (middle school to high school years)

-Post-secondary students

-Recent graduates and young professionals

-Parents and caregivers

-Teachers & PAC organizations

Coaching Delivery

– Virtual coaching

– Telephone coaching

– In person coaching (please contact)

Personal Values & Core Strengths

– Compassion

– Empathy

– Empowerment

– Reliable

– Relationships

– Commitment

– Service excellence