Nice meeting you

My name is Pascale Perard and I live in Antwerp, Belgium.
I am a certified ICF coach (PCC) with a strong background in business development and
Online coaching brings the great opportunity to work with coachees from all over the world!

• Having studied multiple domains: science, art,
marketing, human behavior
• In my free time, I play golf & music, give guest
lectures, write novels
• 24/7 I am a spouse, mum, friend
• I believe it is our responsibility to explore and
respect our unique potential, to constantly
learn by taking action, and to pass on our
energy and experience to next generations, in
order to contribute to Humanity


That’s my personal quote since 2014, when I finalized a childhood dream: making a feature film.
Pursuing this dream, took me several years of time, energy, sacrifices, risks, challenges and brought me fantastic insights on personal leadership.
For instance, how come that this movie, this dream of mine, worth /- €100.000 to produce, could be made with only €5.000?
Insights that I am happy to pass on, as an ICF Certified Coach today.

‘The more ‘aware’ we live, dream and act, the more we become who we are.’ – Pascale Perard

Curiosity is a great talent or skill to master!

‘I am neither clever nor especially gifted.
I am only very, very curious.’ – Albert Einstein

'The Soft is the Hard.'
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