Coaching towards Excellence:

Strategic Communication Skills – Leadership Style & development
Stress Regulation & Management – Emotional Intelligence
Purpose & Meaning – Reflection on Motives
Decision Making – Career Choices
Social Skills – Team Dynamics

This is what clients say about me

• ‘With Pascale Perard I can have conversations in
complete confidence that provide me with a refreshing
insight into whether my motives, my professional goals
and ‘who I am’ are optimally aligned. This clarity brings
about a shift and gives me just that ‘extra’ of energy to
go at it full force and with focus.’

• ‘To the point and exploratory, at times challenging and
reassuring at the same time, that’s how I experience her

• ‘A pleasant, calm coach who also dares to hold up a
mirror to you and who, above all, lets you think for
yourself and comes to insights’.

• ‘Your enthusiasm made me want to start the sessions’.

My work experience

• Since 2022: President ICF Belgium (volunteer)
• Since 2018: Owner Alexo Coaching
• Since 2018: Ambassador National Writing Contest
for Children
• 2015-2017: Director Foundation Law & Assets
• 2013-2014: Team Coaching of Film Crew,
Producing/Directing/Writing a Feature Film
• 2008-2011: Business Developer at Outsight Media
Center Belgium
• 2000- 2008: Key Account Manager at Outsight
Media Center Belgium
• 1996-2000: Sales Manager at Maison Cartier
• Since 2015: Keynote speaker ‘Personal Leadership

Has every coach written a book?

It’s true. A lot of coaches have written a book about management skills, coaching methods, change, transformation etc.
Having previously written 3 novels, I couldn’t resist writing a non-fiction book about coaching. ‘Leef, Droom, Doe – Fundamentele inzichten in dromen waarmaken’ can be translated as follows: The more aware you LIVE, the more aware you DREAM, the more aware you ACT, the more authentic you’ll become again. The journey towards a goal or ambtition you have, will tell you much more about the underlying needs and dreams you have.
This DIY book is currently only available in Dutch. But I use exercises from it in coaching, in English as well.
For more info: