Pascale Perard
Leadership Coach - Professional Certified Coach ICF
ICF Professional Certified Coach PCC
iEQ9 Practitioner
EQi 2.0 Coach

I guide managers, leaders, entrepreneurs, companies and organizations through this fascinating growth process towards personal and business leadership.

‘The Soft is the Hard.’

Doing business and leading our lives, in the current volatile, uncertain and complex environment require an agile, resilient approach.
Therefore we need a strong base: a broad awareness of our identity and a genuine human involvement within the organizations we run or work for.
‘The soft is the hard’, it is rightly said.

During your personal journey, it is my privilege and true pleasure to guide you – as your ‘critical & coaching partner’ – in the discovery of some limiting patterns of thinking and behavior that get in the way of your maximum potential and impact.
These new insights and greater sense of AWARENESS will allow you to move more efficiently towards your goals.

“When the mind is free of any thought or judgment,
it is still and acts like a mirror. Then and only then,
can we know things as they are. AWARENESS”
– Timothy Gallwey


My approach as a coach: Co-creative, vital, intuitive, strictly confidential, professional, empathic

Facts & Figures  about the impact of coaching

Improved communication skills +42%
Increased self-esteem/self-confidence +41%
Improved work/life balance +38%Increased productivity +38%
Increased well-being +35%
Optimized individual/team work performance +33%
Expanded professional career opportunities /30%
Improved business management strategies +30%
Accelerated onboarding into a new professional role +23%
Isaw no impact of coaching +3

– 2022Global Consumer Awareness Study – source: ICF –

My approach as a coach: Relying on a science oriented education, I like to refer to the science behind our thinking and behaving.

Your Personal Leadership will contribute to a future better world.

Today you have a place on this planet.
Today you have the potential to learn how to manage your brain & intelligence.
Today you can choose to set goals and pursue your dreams.
Today you can step up and take yourself seriously.
Today you can learn to grow towards the best version of yourself.

I believe this is what Personal Leadership is mainly about.