Personal Development Coach

I am an ICF-credentialed coach devoted to partnering with people as they move from loss and disappointment to acceptance and growth. I am committed to the emotional safety and acceptance of all people. Each individual provides unique value and purpose to humankind. Seeing individuals without judgment guides their self-acceptance and awakens the inner wisdom of their past experiences. My 30+ year career as a licensed social worker includes community mental health, medical social work, vocational education, non-profit management, and leadership development consultation. This experience and my journey as a caregiver in my family are the foundation of my coaching practice.

Are You:

*Focused on everyone else’s needs?

*Recovering from a difficult season of life?

*Craving a sense of balance?

*Thinking: “I’ll be happy when….”?

*Feeling unseen?

Individual Coaching with flexible options offers you an opportunity to restore yourself as your own Primary Caregiver.

I partner with individuals on their journey to identify their needs and their values that are the building blocks to purposeful goals. Contact me for a complimentary 20 minute discovery session.

What part of “NORMAL” is not working for you?

The pace and expectations of our modern world challenge our wellbeing. I offer a customizable program based upon the coordinated elements of Wellbeing:

  • Sleep
  • Exercise
  • Food
  • Mindfulness
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