What Clients are saying:

“Kevin was very approachable, easy to have a conversation with, and great at facilitating the sessions. He was very effective in helping one reflect on the issues discussed, in such a manner that produced clarity and achieving new perspectives, which allowed for development of actionable plans moving forward”

Head of Department & Senior Consultant, National University Hospital, Singapore

“Kevin Kan is a vastly experienced and fully professional coach. He has a relaxed and consultative style which is very accommodating. He has insights and discusses the issues in a non-judgmental way with questions and guides your discussion in a very meaningful way. I richly enjoyed the sessions and learned a lot from the time in coaching. I was able to discuss and formulate strategies together with my coach and benefitted immensely from the interaction. I would very highly recommend Mr Kevin Kan to my fellow colleagues

Thank you”

Professor Tony Lim, Head & Senior Consultant, Anatomical Pathology, Singapore General Hospital

“Kevin is a very engaging, encouraging and enthusiastic coach. He is on point and gave constructive feedback and is non-judgemental. Enjoyed the sessions with him”

Dr Alice Chua, Assistant Director, National Cancer Centre Singapore

“I would like to thank Kevin for being engaging and willing to share experiences. Able to discuss issues in comfortable settings”

Regional Vice President, Singapore Airlines

“Kevin has been an invaluable resource as coach and mentor. During our sessions he offered practical advice drawing from his own experience as corporate leader. I would recommend him for anyone looking for career coach”

Donny Eryastha, Director of Public Policy, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines, ByteDance

“You’ll learn something new about yourself in every coaching session with Kevin. There is always a new insight that makes you go: “Ah… I didn’t see it that way before”. Kevin is able to ask the right questions and prompt you to discover the answers yourself, which make them stick with you and allow you to claim them as your own, self-motivating even. It is an effective and refreshing way of developing one’s potential. That is what Kevin does very well”

Tim, Senior Manager, National University of Singapore (NUS)

“Kevin is an amazing career coach and is sure to benefit teams and organisations with his skills and expertise”

Shalini, CEO & Founder, LoyaltyHub (Indonesia)

“I had the pleasure to be coached by Kevin and I highly recommend him.  I honestly became a better person as a Manager and because of it I could resolve some very difficult issues”

Victor, Senior Manager, Hays (Japan)

“Kevin’s coaching style was holistic and he has assisted me in gaining a depth in clarity about my own strengths and opportunities for increased success both on my current career path and for future plans. I would happily recommend him to friends and respected colleagues”

Amy, Head of Operations, Dairy Farm Group (Hong Kong)

“Kevin has been a patient and great coach. Being a coachee if you are open and willing to share, you will gain immense returns in insights, perspectives and management skills.  Gathered new perspectives and alternative methods to work around issues”


Keith Lee, Deputy Director, Agency for Integrated Care

“Thanks much, Kevin

I always learn so much in every conversation with you.

And come away with more clarity”


Head, Standard Chartered Bank

“Kevin was easy to talk to, very encouraging and open with his views.  I have a greater awareness of self and impact on others”


Station Manager, Singapore Airlines

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