Mediation is an informal, voluntary process in which a mediator facilitates negotiations between disputing parties. The mediator’s role is to help the parties find a mutually acceptable solution to the dispute

What is Mediation?


Mediation is a process in which a mediator assists parties in negotiating a possible settlement to resolve a dispute amicably without resorting to litigation. Mediation is less confrontational; it enables parties to discuss options and control the outcome. It is a discreet and more cost-effective solution to help resolve disputes

When is mediation appropriate?

Benefits of Mediation

Why select Kevin Kan as Your Mediator?


With over three decades of business acumen gained from navigating complex multinational organizations, Kevin offers a unique blend of business insight and adept problem-solving skills to his role as a mediator. His extensive professional coaching background equips him with active listening techniques, enabling him to swiftly discern the genuine concerns of all parties involved in mediation. Clients select Kevin as their mediator for his non-legalistic perspective, appreciating his impartial and facilitative approach that prioritizes collaborative resolution over adversarial contention, fostering an environment conducive to amicable dispute resolution.


Leveraging his experience, in helping parties work through conflict resolution, Kevin mediates as a neutral third party who:

  • Facilitates discussions & guides parties to negotiate a mutually acceptable settlement
  • Helps parties to focus on finding solutions that meet their concerns, instead of determining who is at fault in a dispute


Kevin’s areas of mediation specializing include:

  • Commercial disputes
  • Employment disputes



Kevin Kan is an accomplished mediator who is accredited by:

  • Singapore Mediation Centre – SMC Accredited Mediator
  • Singapore International Mediation Institute – SIMI Accredited Mediator