A coach helps leaders develop strategies, habits, and attitudes necessary to thrive. If you are…

  • An executive who has been recently hired or promoted and needs to make an immediate impact,
  • A manager who would like to ensure your leadership skills are first class,
  • A high achiever who wants additional support to reach the next level faster, or
  • A speaker who is taking “the big stage” (live or virtual) and needs to deliver a solid message with impact

…then receiving coaching through mFluence can…

  • Enable you to be your best self, particularly in times of challenge and change.
  • Assist you to define and achieve the outcomes you want.
  • Sharpen your emotional intelligence, opening your aperture to see yourself and others in new ways.
  • Deepen your reflection and learning, to ready yourself for your next opportunity.
  • Help you enhance your impact, bolster your team, and advance your career.

Coaching is a career accelerant.
Create actionable insights. Achieve real results.

Marissa McCourry

I help leaders become the best version of themselves.

My passion for this work is evident in all that I do.

I create a space for reflection so your insights can emerge.

I support your courageous actions and the experimentation that furthers your goals.

Actively engaged in your journey, I listen with both my head and heart.

I provide candid, plain-talk balanced with empathy and practical strategies to help you make lasting behavior change. This compassionate candor is my hallmark.

As a human resources and talent leader in the financial and technology sectors, I have coached emerging and established business leaders to bridge the gaps that inhibit them from achieving their maximum effectiveness.


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