mFluence principles

— Regardless of title, everyone is a leader.        — Curiosity unlocks all doors. Exploration is key.          — Being challenged opens us to new insights.

— Great leaders are made, not born.                  — Continuous learning and development is a joy.         — Investing in ourselves pays dividends.

Accelerating insights for thriving leaders

  • mFluence Coaching & Consulting, LLC was established in 2016 to assist leaders in harnessing their authentic voice to communicate their vision, mission and goals with greater impact.
  • Through our coaching and consulting, mFluence clients enhance their leadership impact, expand their areas of confidence, and thrive in their roles with greater ease.
  • This creates transformative personal results which translate quickly to business results for their teams, and their organizations.
  • All associates of mFluence are required to adhere to the International Coaching Federation’s Code of Ethics.

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