Who can benefit?

– High potentials who want to reach the next level quickly

– Those on succession plans who want to be “ready now”

– Leaders new to a role, who need to make an immediate impact

– Leaders looking to achieve business results faster, and with more ease

– New hires or newly promoted, needing to integrate into the organization or role quickly, then accelerate their time-to-results


On-demand coaching

The workplace is fluid and changes occur quickly. A tough conversation may appear on the horizon, a missed expectation may cause a flare up, or a once-solid relationship may suddenly feel at peril.

Take advantage of ad hoc, laser-focused coaching sessions when you need them. Scheduling of a drop-in session 24-hours in advance is requested, but urgent needs can sometimes be accommodated. Per session rates apply.

1:1 leadership and executive coaching

Every leader has strengths and weaknesses. I will work to identify your blind spots and guide you into patterns that fill those gaps and optimize your strengths.

Experience a series of one-on-one leadership coaching sessions focused on your professional and personal growth. Select a package that fits your needs:

  • Explore: 4 private coaching sessions
  • Grow: 8 private coaching sessions + email support
  • Thrive: 12 private coaching sessions + email support + a co-created personal development plan
  • Unlimited: Up to 10 private coaching sessions per month for 6 months

Emotional intelligence assessments

Why are some people more successful than others? It’s often due to their emotional intelligence (EQ) and the micro behaviors that they do (or don’t) exhibit. Research repeatedly shows that how you manage your emotions and how you react to other’s emotions is the primary driver for (or impediment to) realizing your leadership potential.

Unlike your IQ, your EQ can increase over your adult life. No matter what your current level of EQ, you can become more emotionally intelligent.

Take an online, 20-minute self-assessment using the most renowned EQ psychometric tool in the industry, and receive a debrief session to interpret the results, plus a comprehensive 21-page report containing emotional intelligence tips for the workplace.

The best way to support this ongoing growth is through individual coaching. To maximize your development, pair the standalone EQi2.0 Assessment and Debrief with a 1:1 Leadership Coaching package. This will allow crucial time for your assessment insights to gel into observable behavior change, generating real impact in your work life (and your personal life too).

What clients say about our Leadership and Executive Coaching...

“I have so much gratitude for the positive difference you’ve made in my life and career to recreate my brand.”
– Director of Governance & European Compliance, at a global payment network (England)

“I want to thank you for coaching me in a way that has opened my horizons and allowed me to release the things that kept me in place. I will be taking that into this new year and making the most of it.”
– Risk Management Analyst, at a global technology firm (Florida)

“This has been nothing short of life changing for me.”
– Senior Director, at a global technology firm (London)

“If you are lucky enough to work with her, grab the opportunity with both hands! Marissa brings great creativity and a unique ability to weave all key session-outcomes together. She is a fantastic listener and holds up the mirror for you to see the spots you might have not been able to see about yourself yet. I have found our sessions inspiring, and have been hugely impressed with how she was able to point out some key insights. I feel our sessions have unlocked something for me that is the start of a new chapter in my life! “
– Head of a product line for government, at a fintech (the Netherlands)

What sponsors and stakeholders say...

“Marissa has a true service mindset and has dedicated her career to helping people achieve their greatest potential. She employs a non-directive approach to helping leaders successfully navigate key transitions, gain insights from leadership assessments, and has been in high demand as a coach helping senior executives hone their communication skills. I continue to be impressed by her analytical rigor, integrity and ability to relate to others in inclusive, non-judgmental ways.”
– Head of Leadership Development, at the world’s 7th most valuable company by market cap (California)

“What sets Marissa apart from others with similar credentials is her defining trait of curiosity. Marissa constantly seeks out new information and ideas. She reads and researches more than any other professional I know. Her native genius is the ability to expertly listen, synthesize ideas and thoughts, and diplomatically provide reflective, sometimes hard to hear, insights. It is a true gift. I guarantee you will be impressed.”
– Senior Specialist, across several learning consultancies (Arizona)

“Marissa has a brain engine in the leadership space that is as large as a Boeing 747! She never fails to amaze me with her depth of knowledge, detailed and thoughtful analysis and suggestions for improvements and ways forward. Lots of people claim to be passionate about leadership – Marissa is a walking embodiment of passion in this space!”

– VP & Head of Global Learning, and an organizational psychologist PhD at $469 billion tech firm (England)

“What makes Marissa stand out is how she routinely creates space for diversity and treats other people with respect. Marissa is a person who speaks through her values and helps us to understand that there’s more to the business than getting something done, sometimes it’s about doing the right thing. I respect her greatly because of how she speaks up, speaks often, and speaks the truth to power.”

– Head of DEIB Learning, at technology company (California)