Who can benefit?

–Speakers who have a lot to gain by increasing their public speaking skills

–Those who learn best from observing others and learning from iterative
feedback from classmates

–Professionals who value personalized coaching on content, delivery, and visual aspects of public speaking







Note: To maximize the value of this program, considerable time and effort is required of each participant outside of the live sessions. Crafting, honing, and rehearsing your message is an intensive and iterative process. In addition to the time spent in group and 1:1 sessions, past participants have spent between 5-15 hours over the duration of the multi-month program. With some dedicated effort, your investment of energy will absolutely yield dividends.

Coach-led virtual workshops

This group program will prepare you for important speaking engagements to big audiences (live or virtual). Program includes:

– 4 group coaching sessions – 6 hours total

    • ­Kickoff session; 90 min
    • ­Content Creation session; 90 min
    • ­Masterful Delivery session; 90 min
    • ­Group Feedback workshop; 90 min

– 3 one-on-one coaching sessions (optional) – 3 hours total

    • ­Individualized support in crafting and rehearsing your message
    • ­Professional review of 2 recordings (up to 30 min in length) + personalized verbal feedback

– Diagnostic assessment via a pre-coaching questionnaire

– Program materials, including

    • ­E-worksheets to further your learning
    • ­The powerful Tips & Techniques Card Deck – a slim travel buddy to pack for your next conference or keynote. You’ll reference it time and time again.

– Overall growth and confidence in your ability to communicate with executive presence, and stand out as a leader

Results from the Speaker Training & Coaching program

  • 100% of the participants in the 2021 program and the 2022 program said they gained improved confidence and knowledge.
  • Participants who have previous experience with other speaker training workshops, said that this program gave them mastery-level knowledge, and increased their ability to deliver their business message effectively.
  • The program consistently receives excellent ratings – Net Promoter Scores range from 80 to 100 [scores of 70 and above are considered by the learning industry as world-class].
  • See the client results below
What clients say about the Speaker Training Program...

“Marissa was a wonderful resource and really showcased her ability to help in a short time frame. I felt so much relief and much more comfortable after our sessions with her. That helped me lower my anxiety and worry and feel more confident in delivering. I hope I get to work with her again!”
– Sales Executive, Financial Advisor Services (Pennsylvania)

“My confidence in delivering content to a large audience has increased. As an example, I’m presenting to an audience of 120 people tomorrow in-person, and I feel good in the lead up to the engagement.”
– Sales Executive, at an ETF giant (Arizona)

“I’ve gained confidence and learned to really “carve the core” of my message.”
– Sales Executive, Financial Advisor Services (Arizona)

“Throughout the conference, people made a point to come up and introduce themselves to compliment my talk. I felt like a rockstar!”
– Sales Executive, FinTech firm (Texas)