Who can benefit?

–Execs who need to influence large internal or external audiences

–Speakers taking “the big stage” (live or virtual) who need to deliver a solid
message with impact

–Those preparing for TEDx talks, conference keynotes, or client events

–Leaders looking to increase their leadership impact and executive presence

–Anyone delivering messages to executives and other crucial audiences

Intensive, personalized coaching for executive speakers

Every speaker can be exceptional with the right preparation and coaching. Delivering a solid talk that impacts your audience’s hearts and minds can escalate your leadership impact, increase the potential for you and your team to drive results, and bolster your own confidence and personal brand.

Take part in intensive one-on-one coaching sessions, centered around your upcoming speech or talk from “the big stage” (live or virtual).

Coach and client will work to define the scope of the engagement, which might include: content creation, visual and slide strategy, techniques for delivering to a large/ultra large audience, a virtual audience, a small live audience, or when being video recorded, teleprompter skills, consultation on stage makeup, body stance/gestures, tone/pitch, pace, managing nerves or ticks, and interactive techniques to inspire action in your audience.

What clients say about our Executive Speaker Coaching...

“My ability to deliver the outcomes was magnified with your help. You simplified the message such that it resonated with 200 people of differing levels of financial acuity. You jumped right in, invested a large amount of time in a short period, and ‘got after it’ which was really helpful. Your professional help was not only eye opening to me, but also just what was needed to punch up the message along with my delivery! I can’t thank you enough for helping me do all that.”
– CFO, one of the world’s largest investment companies

“The team saw SIGNIFICANT improvement in this executive’s recent townhall presentation vs. the one he did previously – and that was by and large due to your coaching.”
– Head of Leadership Development, mutual fund issuance firm

“Marissa, thanks for the courage of giving it to me straight! I wanted to share my appreciation and thanks for all your help in setting me up for the offsite presentation. One of our other Managing Directors raved about how much you have helped him as well.”
– CHRO, an asset management firm with trillions in assets under management

“The Finance Senior Leadership team spent a good amount of time discussing the role you played in preparing our CFO for his presentation and the value and impact that came out of that special support leading up to the big event.  He was extremely impressed by your expertise and talents in this space, and is very appreciative of your time and effort spent helping him be best positioned for success.”
– Senior HR Business Partner, large global brokerage firm

“[Executive] felt like you helped him and pushed him in areas he doesn’t think about naturally…it’s a win!”
– Chief of Staff for C-level exec, one of the world’s largest investment companies